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The 5 main advantages of supported independent living

If you are living with a disability, it can be difficult to get the support you need while maintaining your autonomy and ability to make choices for your life.

Supported independent living allows you to access support without sacrificing your personal freedom in a supportive and empowering environment. We have summarised the main benefits of supported independent living into five key points. 

1. Create a lifestyle that suits you

What is great about supported independent living is that you can start to create your own lifestyle. You may be living with your family now, who have supported you on your journey so far. In a supported independent living environment, you can maintain the relationship with your family while living in a home that you can call your own. You can also spend more quality time with your loved ones, because a friendly and skilled lifestyle assistant is there to help with your day to day needs. The primary goal of supported independent living is to build independence in a safe and supported environment. You can start to settle into a new lifestyle that suits your interests, personality, and goals while having confidence that you are well supported. 

2. Get daily support while you develop your skills 

Expert support is there as you need it. The SIL environment helps you grow your independence while providing constant access to support. The support you receive will depend on your needs and goals established by you in your NDIS plan. Whether you live in an individual or shared arrangements, a lifestyle assistant is there day and night to provide support to you in your home. On a day to day basis, your lifestyle assistant can provide support by cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, proving transport, and helping with your personal care. Your lifestyle assistant can also help you develop skills with budgeting, socialising, and maintaining a healthy routine. Importantly, this support happens in your own space, in a way that fits your lifestyle, personality, needs, and goals.

3. Get more social opportunities

Registered NDIS SIL providers normally have several SIL homes they provide support in the area. This means that there is a community that you can tap into to make new friends and socialise with regularly. Social events are encouraged, not forced. You can make choices about when and with whom you socialise. There will often be social gatherings that the SIL provider arranges that you can attend if you want to. Your lifestyle assistant can also sometimes accompany you on outings you want to go on, and help you keep to your budget while you are out. 

4. Combine freedom with security 

Your wellbeing should always be the top priority in a SIL arrangement, and your wellbeing includes not only your needs being met, but your happiness as well. Good SIL providers understand this, and will maintain a safe and functional environment, while encouraging you to engage with your interests and hobbies. A good SIL will enable you to make healthy choices about your lifestyle and routine while empowering you to reach your goals and develop your independence. Supported independent living celebrates individuality and does not follow a generalised approach but is flexible to your changing needs and goals. Reputable SIL providers have well thought out safely procedures, which they monitor closely. Lifestyle assistants need to be skilled and know how to maintain safely standards while handling different situations that arise. The combination of happy, empowering environments and safe, effective disability support is what sets supported independent living apart from other disability support options.

5. Develop your confidence to get more independence 

One of the main goals of supported independent living is to help you become more independent over time. Skilled lifestyle assistants and a supportive environment can help you achieve short and long term goals that can have a huge impact on your lifestyle. A good lifestyle assistant looks after more than just your daily needs. They get to know you, understand your unique NDIS goals, and find opportunities to develop skills that can empower you in the future. Effective lifestyle assistants are perceptive of your needs and personality, and they should encourage you in a way that builds confidence and belief in your abilities. 

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