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Disability accommodation with a difference

At Good Vibes, we are passionate about providing optimum care for adults with different abilities.

In our disability accommodation, residents are celebrated by peers and supported by talented, caring staff while being encouraged to live an ordinary life.

We are committed to supporting adults who require long term assistance with daily tasks so they can experience the benefits of a strong and loving community while maintaining their independence. We offer 24/7 care and assistance in a fun-loving and professional environment to help people of all abilities to thrive.

Individual and shared supported living

We support people with a broad range of different abilities and feel it’s important that all adults have a choice about where and with whom they live.

We offer a variety of disability accommodation ranging from individual through to shared and community living. Employees sleep over and offer round the clock support to all residents. With a high staff to resident ratio, we ensure that everyone we look after is receiving the care and attention they need to live a fulfilling life. We are a team of friendly, welcoming professionals dedicated to the growth, development and wellbeing of our residents.


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We empower our residents with a sense of identity and autonomy by:

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Our person centred support model

The ‘person-centred’ support model is the backbone of our disability accommodation community.

Our holistic approach begins by understanding each person’s unique nature and how this may impact their care requirements. Every resident’s personal story, personality and pace is taken into consideration when providing the truly individual care we are renowned for.


Together, we create an environment of safety, stability and support. We believe that when trust is earned through consistent, reliable service, we create a foundation for optimal wellbeing.


Together, we grow. Together, we flourish.