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How to request a review of your NDIS plan

If you have received your NDIS plan, but you are not completely happy with it, or you have been happy on your NDIS plan until now but your situation has changed, then you can request a plan review.You can request a review of your NDIS plan review at any time.

Before you submit an official review request, first contact your Local Area Coordinator you had your initial planning meeting with to discuss the issues you have with your plan. They may be able to assist in amending your plan. If they are unable to make the changes you have requested, you can submit an official review of your plan.

You should only request a plan review if you have genuine concerns that your current plan will not be sufficient. Requesting a plan review will result in your case being assessed again and can result in a different outcome, which can in rare cases result in a reduction in your funding. However, if you are confident that you have good reason for requesting a review, you can follow these steps to help you submit your plan review request.

If you want a plan review, you need to submit an application form for a review of decision to the NDIS. 

You can download the NDIS ‘Application for a review of decision’ ‘NDIS Reviewable Decision Form’ on the NDIS website: Alternatively, an NDIA officer can help you complete the form in person or over the phone.

Tips for filling out the application form

Part C of the application form asks about the grounds for your review request, specifically, it asks the below questions: 

  • What is your request for review about? 
  • Why do you want the decision reviewed? 
  • How has it affected you?
  • What outcomes are you seeking?

You should state that your review is about your NDIS plan. When answering these questions, try to be as specific, and objective as possible. Although this can be an emotional process, try to approach your motivations for additional supports from an objective and practical perspective instead of an emotional one. 

You will also be asked to attach any supporting documentation relating to your review request. 

Submitting your application

You can submit your completed form to the NDIS in person, by email or by post. Further details of how to submit your form are detailed on the application form. If possible, submit your request in writing and keep a copy so that you have a record of your submission. Forward a copy of your request to your LAC and ask them to confirm they have received it. 

It can take the NDIS up to 3 months to get back to you about your review request, but you can follow up with them around 3 weeks after submitting your application if you have not yet heard anything back. The NDIS may contact you for more information about your review request. If you have a face to face meeting to discuss your review request further, remember you are allowed to take someone with you, such as a family member, friend or carer. 

Your new plan  

Once your new plan has been finalised, request a copy of it and go through it to ensure the changes made are correct. Let your relevant service providers know about the funding changes that will impact the services they provide.